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Last Updated: 09-AUG-2022

Spam is pointless, meaningless, repetitive, or nonsensical posts. Spamming is against the rules of this forum. Accidental or unintentional spamming will initially result in a PM (Private Message) warning you of your error. Deliberate or persistent spamming will result in a temporary suspension, and in extreme cases your posting rights may be removed.

Flaming: Flaming is insults, abuse, and swearing directed at a specific member, person, or group of people. Flaming is against the rules of this forum. Anyone who flames to the extent that it spoils the enjoyment of the board for others will result in a suspension or removal of your posting rights.

Warez: Warez is illegal software, usually downloaded. The discussion of warez is not encouraged at these forums. Specific promotion of or linking to warez, including no-cd cracks, will incur a suspension or removal of posting rights.

Porn: Posting pornographic images is against the rules of this forum. Anyone who posts pornographic images or links will receive a suspension or removal of posting rights.

Racism & other discrimination: Racism and all forms of discrimination are strictly prohibited at these forums. Anyone posting racially offensive, or general discriminatory material will, at the very least, receive a suspension, but will usually be banned from posting immediately and without warning.

Other notes: This forum uses a star-based representation of your post count. The stars are only to graphically represent the number of posts a member has - they have absolutely no other significance. Please do not spam in an effort to get extra stars. If you have been referred here by an existing member, please fill in the name of that member when asked to do so during registration. No advertising is allowed anywhere on the forum with the specific exception of the advertising forums. This includes signature spaces; any links, URLs, or text & images in your signature will be removed if deemed to be detrimental to/at the expense of this forum. Abuse of the PM system by sending unsolicited mass mailings or advertisings will result in a warning and/or removal of posting/PM rights. This is strictly enforced. If you receive unwanted PM mail, please report it to a member of staff.

Graphical rules: This forum supports the use of signatures (some text and/or an image that is added to the end of your posts - maximum allowed banner size is the internet standard 468×70 pixels) and avatars (the image that appears beneath your name to the left of your posts - maximum image dimensions are 64×64 pixels.) Any signature text or graphics that are deemed too large or inappropriate will result in your signature being removed.

All rule enforcement is at staff discretion.
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